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The "Knee of the curve" is the

point of most extreme change.

We're in it! Headed towards a "Technological Singularity" which is the point in time when technology advances so fast the human mind can't keep pace, or what your parents call... 2010.

and everyone

is looking the

wrong way.


of technologicalchange is about to hit us... 

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   Emmett Short is the creator and host of Knee Of The Curve. Emmett is a standup comic from Northern California who performs regularly at The Punchline and has toured globally performing at colleges and clubs and for our troops overseas.  In 2006 Emmett was invited to the Montreal Comedy Festival as one of their New Faces Of Comedy, alongside comics like Hannibal Buress and Adam Devine

   Emmett created KOTC because of his passion for SciFi and Futurism. Also he wants to live forever, or be downloaded. Whatever's clever. He hopes this show will keep you laughing all the way to your eventual enslavement by our robot overlords.


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